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June 30, 2021
Event aims If you are looking for funding opportunities below £10,000 then this is the workshop for you. Our funding expert, Nicky Smith, will talk you through how to identify the right source of funding for your group and how...
July 7, 2021
Event aims Being a good trustee is critical to the success of your organisation. If you want to become more effective and help your organisation to become even better at what it does, then this event is for you! In...
£0 - 24
July 12, 2021
Event aims Safeguarding: it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect people from harm or abuse. You may think safeguarding isn’t an issue for your organisation or group, but it can affect anyone and it is best to be prepared. This workshop focuses...
£0 - 24
July 14, 2021
Event aims How do you use social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, to expand your volunteer base? Explore how your charity or community group can use social media more effectively to influence and engage with your audience. Remembering that...
£0 - 24
July 19, 2021
Event aims How do you submit an eye-catching, outstanding application and stand out from the crowd to secure that grant? The National Lottery Community Fund is open for Reaching Communities funding. Competition for funding will be tough as applications are...
£0 - 24
July 21, 2021
Event aims A strong board is one of the hallmarks of an effective charity. But how do you get from good to great, or from ‘survival to success’? This workshop builds on trustee basics to help organisations move towards greater...
£0 - 24
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