Funding Search

Funding Search

We want to help bring local community projects to life – and often that can depend on helping you to secure the right funding.

There are so many funding pots available out there and competition for grants can be fierce, so where to you get started?

We can make your funding search easier.

We use GrantFinder, a leading funding database in the UK covering local, national, and international sources of funding.

Because GrantFinder is updated in real time, we’ll only tell you about funds that are up to date.

The database includes not just the well-known funding providers, such as The National Lottery Community Fund, but many of the less well-publicised pots of money – helping you to increase your chances of success. It may be that our search throws up funds that you’ve never thought about applying to before – but if that helps secure your group or project’s future, even better!

Get in contact with our Community Support North Yorkshire team, chat about what you need for your project or group and we can carry out detailed searches to match the right funds to your need.

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