The tools and technology that can make your charity accessible

Accessibility has gone from being an afterthought at best to an often spoken about subject at conferences, water coolers and now video calls throughout the charity sector.

There are around 14 million people living with disabilities in the UK, many of which are donors, beneficiaries, highly talented employees or all of the above. Yet, around half of charities are not reaching people with disabilities due to inaccessible websites and are also overlooking these people when recruiting (around 30% of people living with disabilities in active employment).

Charity Digital recently ran a podcast that dived into how charities are missing out on a huge amount of untapped potential from highly capable and motivated individuals. Their latest webinar aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills to implement accessibility technology into your organisation.

They welcome Elena Córdova Russ, Customer Success Manager Financial Services and Cassandra Marrero, Teams Product Marketing Manager from Microsoft to share how you can use these tools in your charity and why implementing this technology and building an accessibility strategy into your business is essential to sector inclusivity, your charity’s service delivery and recruiting the best possible employees for your organisation.

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