The state of cyber security in the UK charity sector

Since March 2020, charities in the UK have embraced digital technology with a swiftness that might have been unthinkable before COVID-19. But such an accelerated pace of digital transformation brings its own challenges – have we, as a sector, prepared adequately for the cyber risks that have arisen?

Earlier in 2021, Charity Digital conducted a survey, in collaboration with the National Centre for Cyber Security, to gauge the UK charity sector’s attitudes towards cyber security and to identify areas where it could be improved. The survey revealed that more than four in five charities in the UK say they have changed their attitude to cyber security since the pandemic.

The sector was already at risk from cyber threats due to the vast amount of data they possess and limited resources with which to protect it, but two in five charities saw a noticeable increase over the last 18 months, and now is the time to address it.

In this webinar, the NCSC take us through the exclusive findings of the survey, with insight from Charity Digital’s Stewart Barber about what this could mean for the charity sector moving forwards.

Attendees can expect to learn:

  • How COVID-19 has changed how we think about cyber security
  • Why cyber threats have increased since the start of the pandemic
  • How charities can protect themselves for the future
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