Keeping your charity secure during Covid-19

The last few weeks have seen a seismic change to the way charities operate, with unprecedented levels of home working, yet still maintaining the vital services that we deliver. It is likely that this has exerted tremendous pressure on those responsible for IT and digital to deliver solutions at pace and with limited room for error. It would be easy therefore to think that cyber security was a low-priority.

However, with any period of change and uncertainty, criminals will never be far away in their attempts to manipulate the situation. In this webinar, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) will cover the types of attacks they are seeing during the build-up to and during the lockdown and the steps you can take to adapt your defences and security priorities.

Charity Digital will be running the webinar with an extended Q&A with the NCSC team to make sure they have time to answer all your COVID-19 cyber security concerns.

Event Details