Hybrid working – a flexible working approach post-pandemic

Event aims 

If your employees been working from home during the pandemic and you are considering making this a permanent arrangement, or if you are thinking about a combination of home and office working, then this training is for you.

Who should attend? 

This training is designed for trustees, chief executives, line managers and other key decision makers of voluntary organisations in North Yorkshire.

What will you learn? 

Throughout the webinar, we’ll discuss:

Introduction: What is hybrid/blended work, how has it come about?

Organisations are facing a transitional stage with returning to the workplace after Covid.

We’re seeing a new model emerge, a ‘blended office model’ where companies take a flexible approach to in-office vs. remote work — allowing for a little of both.

What will it look like? It will vary between organisations. No one size fits all.

Is the new model different from flexible working?

We will have a recap on flexible working, what that is and the statutory requirements and explore what is different about a formal blended/hybrid working model.

Things to consider:  pros & cons

  • Health & safety implications – risk assessments for home, equipment provided?
  • Issues around confidentiality and data protection
  • Costs – potential additional costs at home vs. reduction of office costs, plus insurance, travel costs etc
  • Contractual implications
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Space and equipment


This training will be delivered by Jane Hudson and Bob Owen, HR Advisors who both have extensive HR knowledge and experience in supporting organisations with their HR issues.

There will be a Q&A element to the training and we request that questions are sent it in advance to allow the experts to answer with as much information as possible.

Please send your questions to employment.advice@communityfirstyorkshire.org.uk before the 23 July.  Please use the subject title Q&A 28 July.

Event Details