DSC Zoom Talk: The Covid Crisis CEO: How to get it right

Leading a charity during a once in a lifetime global crisis is tough. Your organisation needs you more than ever at this time when, in private, you’re likely to be wrestling with the same lockdown frustrations and issues as everyone else during this pandemic.

What type of CEO should we aspire to be? What did we get right and what would we do differently if we could start again?

Join this Zoom Talk for a frank discussion with other charity leaders and to share your frustrations and victories, aspirations and hopes during these stressful times.

What will you learn

  • Be a wellbeing role model for your staff: look after yourself!
  • Handling the pressure: how much do you keep to yourself, what do you share, and with whom?
  • Striking the balance between honesty, realism and the right amount of optimism to keep up the morale.
  • Transition into a post-crisis CEO: how to move beyond crisis mode when it is time to let go.

Format: Panel discussion followed by Q&A with the attendees.
Panellists: to be announced shortly.

This Zoom Talk is free to attend.
You will receive the login details in your confirmation email  (please allow at least 24 hours for your booking to be processed).

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