Community Led Housing workshop: going ‘live’

The best stage of your community led housing project is when it goes ‘live’ – that exciting time when the project is complete and people start to live in the properties.

Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is for anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of the ‘live’ stage of a community led housing project, but also anyone at any stage of the process who wants to better understand what happens once the project is complete. Even if you are at the beginning of your community led housing journey, it’s important to consider from the start what will happen to the properties once they are built.

What will you learn?

In this session we will cover:

  • Running your group
  • Managing your homes
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Rents and service charges
  • Lettings and sales
  • Complaints
  • Partnering with registered providers or becoming a registered provider

There will be an informative presentation from an accredited advisor, followed by an inspiring presentation from Tude Tisdall, one of the members living in the Older Womans Cohousing community in North London. A Q&A session will be held following both speakers.

We think it’s important to demonstrate success and therefore we include speakers with lived experience of the community led housing process, many of whom are now living in the homes they helped create.

The workshop will be delivered by Peter Hirschfield, Community Led housing accredited advisor with Community Led Homes North Yorkshire & East Riding.

Event Details