Community Led Housing workshop: forming a group

This Zoom workshop aims to inspire and support individuals, groups and communities through the initial stage of community led housing (CLH) and forming a group to take positive local action.

We want to help people take the first steps into getting a community led housing project off the ground. In this session you will learn about steering groups, community engagement, group objectives and initial funding – all essential elements to start you on your own community led housing journey for your community.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for anyone wanting to understand more about the initial stages of a community led housing project.

You may be part of a community group, a parish council or an individual looking at forming a CLH group. It would also be useful to people who have already started their journey, but who have come unstuck, or are floundering after a difficult year and need to reinvigorate, re-inspire and refocus their group.

What will you learn?

Find out about:

• Local Engagement – how to get buy-in from your community
• How to recruit volunteers to form your steering group – what publicity is needed to launch your initiative?
• What do you need to cover in your initial meeting to set-up the group/launch the project – this will include looking at your constitution and governance
• How to write a vision, values, mission statement and objectives
• How to apply for funding and produce a basic Project Plan
• Advice on consulting the community on their housing needs and how to report back your findings to the community.

There will be an informative, factual presentation followed by an inspiring talk by a group who have already been through the process. There will also be a Q&A session after the speakers.

We think it’s important to demonstrate success and therefore we include speakers with lived experience of the community led housing process, many of whom are now living in the homes they helped create.

About the workshop lead

The workshop will be delivered by Peter Hirschfield, Community Led housing accredited advisor with Community Led Homes North Yorkshire & East Riding.

If you have any questions about this workshop please email

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