Community Led Housing workshop: finding a site

The purpose of this workshop is to walk you through the stages of finding a site, when looking at your community led housing (CLH) project. This could be finding a site, acquiring a site or considering what you actually need from a site in order to deliver your project.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Assessing your land requirements
  • Purchasing or leasing land
  • Refurb or new build
  • Developing a site brief
  • Investigating a site
  • Securing your site

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for anyone wanting to understand more about the site stages of a community led housing project. You may be at the start of your CLH project. You may already have a group, know what your project will be but you’re unsure how to find or acquire a site. This session will also be of interest to anyone who wants to develop their overview of the community led housing process.

What will you learn?

Take a look at the key steps to finding and acquiring a site:

  • Assessing your land requirements – what kind of site is most suited to the type of project you’re trying to deliver?
  • Purchasing or leasing land – land can be expensive, particularly in rural areas, what are the options and how do we mitigate against the costs?
  • Refurb or new build – are you looking for a new build site, or would you consider a refurbishment if the right property came a long?
  • Developing a site brief – how to set out clear requirements for the type of site you’re trying to acquire.
  • Investigating a site – what are the necessary surveys/considerations once you’ve found your site? How to check the feasibility.
  • Securing your site – we will look at the different options to allow you to acquire the site you’ve found.

There will be an informative, factual presentation by an accredited advisor followed by an inspiring talk by Chis Coates, from Lancaster Cohousing. This will be followed by a Q&A session with the two speakers.

We think it’s important to demonstrate success and therefore we include speakers with lived experience of the community led housing process, many of whom are now living in the homes they helped create.

About the workshop lead

The session will be led by Peter Hirschfield, Community Led housing accredited advisor with Community Led Homes North Yorkshire & East Riding, accompanied by Chris Coates from Lancaster Cohousing.

What was said about previous workshops?

‘Informative and inspiring workshop, great to hear from someone who has already been through the process.’


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